The Big Sandy

Thank you to our Racers, Volunteers, Sponsors and to the trail that we all came here to celebrate. 2009 was great.

The result have been posted, the photos have been uploaded. The kegs are empty and now Its time to store everything for next year and for me its time to get back to my own racing. Thanks for another great day, I’ll see some of you out on the courses. 

2010 is going to be big, we will decide on a size we want to do and limit the field.

Come race some of the best single track in the world again, and sign up early so you wont miss out. 

The Course

LINK TO EXPANDED START TIME VIEWNOTE: We added two new long course categories. Cat 2 Single Speed and Women can now race the whole thing. We can adjust your category at registration

Long Course: 23 miles - 5400ft Ascending/5900ft Descending
Short Course: 15 mies - 3000ft Ascending/3500ft Descending

MORE SINGLETRACK. That is the only way to describe this year’s race. Everyone will get more. For Pro and Cat 1 (expert) racers, we are adding the Pa’San Ridge Loop at Squaw Leap. We even added a special Long Course cat for Cat 2 (sport). this trail is too fun. The trail is narrow and I hear there are some rocks there with plenty of places to go off the edge and a couple of tight switchbacks. This is good old fashioned mountain biking. After you climb back out of the river valley, if you don’t decide to do another lap, we wont blame you. you start on the river trial. The Forest Service has been working on the the first 3 miles pretty hard and even if you rode it before, it flows like never before.

Oh and there is some brand new singletrack. CCORC decided the only way to make the best trail better, was to just make more of it. So we found a way to all but eliminate the fireroad with some rolling singletrack. We were just in there recently and added a culvert and about 3 feet of dirt to make a hike-a-bike a rolling climb. 

So everyone gets more this year.

Here are the links to the course maps. 

Squaw Leap Pa’San Ridge Loop
Pro, Cat 1 and select Cat2 complete loop before heading down River Trail. Pending approval by land owner: Update APRROVED

Marek from The Fresno Bee sent me this link of a helmet cam video of the 3-4 mile downhill of the Ridge Loop. Its a great video. It has a soundtrack, so if you are at work turn off the sound first.

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Our Top Women Finishers




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2009 Event. Another Great year. Great racing, weather and vibe.

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